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Act 407 Continuing Education Class List        

The continuing education that you receive at SEMBOIA is second to none.

Our Act 407 continuing education classes are held at the Club Venetian at 29310 John R,
just north of 12 Mile Rd., in Madison Heights, Michigan. 
Classes are held on the third Wednesday of each month (unless noted below), September through May. 
Lunch is included in the $20.00 class fee and is served buffet style from noon until 12:45 p.m. 

Regular classes start at 1:00 p.m. with lunch at noon and the business meeting at 12:45 p.m. Doors open at 11:30.
All day classes start at 9:00 a.m. with lunch at noon and the business meeting at 12:45 p.m.  Doors open at 8:00.

The class list for the current Act 407 cycle is provided here for your reference.  Next class date is highlighted in blue.

Classes are updated as information is received.
Date: Instructor: Inst #: Class Name: Class #: Credit Hours: Class List:
January 16 George Mann

2015 IBC Fire Resistance and Hazardous Uses
2015 IBC Use of Fire and Smoke Separations

3 S

3 S
Class Roster
ICC Sign-in Sheet
Class Roster
ICC Sign-in Sheet
February 20 Jerry Tuggle

Connector Inspections

CP-19-00010 3 T Class Roster
March 20 James B. Smith, P.E. Engineered Wood - A to Z 
CP-19-00033 3 S Class Roster
April 17 Mike Crall Fire Stopping: Plan Review & Inspection CP-17-00120 2 PR,  2 T, 2 S Class Roster
May 15 Scott Cope Annual Meeting - Special Inspection Requirements of the MBC CP-19-00078 2 PR, 1 T Class Roster
September 18 Keith Lambert All Your Questions Answered 3 Class Roster
October 16 Tim Mrozowski Commercial Energy Code
Energy Plan Review
2 T
1 PR
Class Roster
Class Roster
November 20 Frank Bayer Building Code Myths and Legends 3 T Class Roster
December 18 Class Roster


Classes are updated as information is received.
Date: Instructor: Inst #: Class Name: Class #: Credit Hours: Class List:
January 20 Russ Thornburg 1874 Wall Bracing 18247 7 PR Class roster
February 17 Kelly Frauenkron 2149

Proper Application and Code Compliance of Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Insulation

18030 3 S or T
Your choice
Class roster
March 16 Jerry Tuggle 482 Wood Deck Construction 18128 3 S Class roster
April 5   Steve Van Note
Tim Mrozowski

2015 IRC Update
Michigan Residential Energy Code
3 T
3 T
Class roster
Class roster
May 18 Scott Cope 1808 Special Inspections 18223 1 T, 2 PR Class roster
September 21 Roger Axel

2012 IBC Smoke and Fire Separations
Interior Finishes and Foam Plastics


3 S
3 S
Class Roster
Class Roster
October 19 Linda Pieczynski Advanced Legal Aspects for Building Officials and Inspectors
CP-16-00023 6 A Class Roster
November 16 Karol Grove FEMA and Flood Zone Construction Issues 18276 3 T Class Roster
December 21 Cancelled



Classes are updated as information becomes available.

Date: Instructor: Inst #: Class Name: Class #: Credit Hours: Class List:
January 25

Jay Woodward - ICC

2015 IBC Significant Changes

CP 16-00038 6 S Class Roster
February 15 John Gruber 1528 Truss Inspection, Bracing and Field Problems 17379 3 S Class Roster
March 15 Don Pratt 1280 Builder's Licensing Renewal Class 18456 2A, 1T Class Roster
April 19 Scott Cope 1808 Building Department Management
Promoting the Building Department
2A, 2C
Class Roster
Class Roster
May 17 Ben Tiseo Legislative Advocacy 18008 2A Class Roster
September 20 Tim Mrozowski

Brian Tognetti

Michigan Uniform Energy Code - AM 

Performing Construction in Existing Buildings - PM Handouts
3 T

3 T
Class Roster

Class Roster
October 18 James Gogolski

Wood Use and Recognition of Fire-Retardant Treated Wood 

18466 3 T Class Roster
November 15 Wayne Jewell 694 Accessability 18410 2T, 1PR Class Roster
December 20 Roger Axel - ICC 2015 ICC Mixed Occupancies - AM

2015 ICC Exit Systems - PM
3 S

3 S
Class Roster

Class Roster

  Classes are updated as information becomes available. 

Date: Instructor: Inst #: Class Name: Class #: Credit Hours: Class List:
January 17 Keith Lambert Medical Marihuana Regulation and Emergency Rules CP-18-0001 3 A Class Roster
February 21 Keith Lambert Compliant Documentation

Limits of Authority and The Appeals
2 S

1 C
Combined Class Roster

March 21 Mark Conte

Jerry Tuggle

Manufactured Home Installation Basics and More

Fastener and Anchor Systems for Residential and Commercial Construction.
3 T

 3 S
Class Roster

Class Roster
April 18 Patrick Vandergriff 2015 IBC Accessibility and Useability for Commercial Buildings. CP-18-00037 3 T, 3 PR Class Roster
May 16 Bruce Migazzi Concepts and Design of Attic Ventalation 18033 1 A,  1 S Class Roster
June 20 Mark Stimac 728 Additional Plan Review Class - Free to members CP-17-00044 3 PR Class Roster
September 19 Mark Stimac

Tim Mrozowski
MRC Plan Rewiew

MBC Energy Requirements

CP-18-00175 3 PR

3 PR
Class Roster

Class Roster
October 17 Keith Lambert Limits of Authority and the Appeals Process

Unlawful Occupancy
1 C

2 S
Class Roster

November 21 Russell Thornburg 2015 MBC - Field Inspections CP-18-00174 8 T Class Roster
December 19

Dennis Smith

Ethics CP-17-00143 3 A Class Roster



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